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Law Enforcement agencies and families of officers who have fallen in the line of duty will be interested to know that Kahr Firearms Group just announced the launch of the 2020 Fallen Officer Program.

Kahr Arms donates a Thin Blue Line PM9 with fallen officer name, badge number, and "end of watch" date to raise funds for family or kept as a keepsake.
Kahr arms will donate a Thin Blue Line model PM9 that is customized with the fallen officer’s name on the side of the slide. The badge number and “end of watch” date will be engraved on the top of the slide. The gun can then be used to raise money for the family or it can be kept as a keepsake.

Fallen Officer Program

The Fallen Officer Program was first introduced by Kahr Arms in 2018 to honor fallen law enforcement officers. Kahr Firearms Group is offering the 2019 program and now the 2020 program as well. Through the Fallen Officer Program, Kahr Arms will donate a Thin Blue Line model PM9 customized with the fallen officer’s name on the side of the slide, and his or her badge number and “end of watch” date engraved on the top of the slide. The gun can then be used to raise money for the family or remain with the family as a keepsake.

“Kahr Firearms Group is honored to continue the Fallen Officer Program to support law enforcement officers and their families,” said Jodi DePorter, Director of Marketing for Kahr Firearms Group. “We are committed to continuing our support of the families of those officers who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty.”

The special edition Thin Blue Line PM9 was introduced in 2018 by Kahr Firearms Group to honor the men and women of law enforcement who form a “thin blue line” between a lawful and lawless society. These officers place their lives at risk to protect their communities from harm. In doing so, they deserve the respect and gratitude of those they serve.


The “Thin Blue Line” PM9 slide is finished in durable Armor Black Cerakote. All other exposed metal parts are blacked out, and a blue line is added encircling the slide. This special model comes equipped with easy-to-see TruGlo Tactical Night Sights. Two flush-mount, six-round magazines and one seven-round extended magazine are included. Each magazine is blackened for concealability. As with all Kahr Premium Series firearms, a full limited lifetime warranty is included.

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Applications for 2020 now available

Applications are now available for the 2020 program, honoring officers who have fallen during the 2020 calendar year. Law enforcement departments, family, or friends of the fallen officer can submit the application. To request an application, email fallenofficer@kahr.com.

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There is a whole host of Thin Blue Line products available to show support for our LEO’s. Check it out.

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