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Cloud Defensive just announced a new weapon-mounted light that they’ve been developing for over two years. It’s called the REIN (Rail Mounted Environmental Illuminator) and it’s designed to eliminate problems that the Cloud Defensive team saw in other weapon-mounted lights.

The newest weapon-mounted light system from Cloud Defensive: the REIN.
The newest weapon-mounted light system from Cloud Defensive: the REIN.

The Details

The REIN and REIN Micro are compatible with any long gun –any AR15, AK47 or other modern rifle with a rail system, including sub-machine guns and PDWs. It also works in conjunction with night vision. Could be just the thing for your Century Arms C-4 or similar rail.

It features dual-functionality since it has two electrically isolated powering circuits. Since the two circuits operate independently of each other, if one gets cut off the light still functions with the other. It also has the capability to interface with IR.

The Rein also features the popular Light Control System (LCS) that Cloud Defensive is known for. With the system, the REIN’s cables aren’t loose or exposed as is the case with other weapon-mounted lights. The cable exits at 90 degrees through the side of the tail-cap directly into the LCS. Therefore, it isn’t exposed to impact.

Cloud Defensive REIN

Here’s a really cool design feature in the new REIN: the patent-pending Battery Jack. Think about how most lights stabilize the battery. There are just two coils that apply positive pressure to keep the battery in place. But did you ever wonder what happens to the battery on impact…much less under harsh recoil? Seriously, that’s an issue. And the Cloud Defensive guys came up with a solution!

The REIN Battery Jack screws down to secure the battery in place.
The Battery Jack easily screws down to secure the battery in place.

The Battery Jack allows the user to screw down an internal ring to snug the battery in place. It won’t jostle around, which obviously lends to greater reliability. An added benefit of this system is that it doesn’t matter any more that the 18650 batteries come in different sizes depending on which brand you get. (By the way, the REIN Micro takes 18350 batteries.)

REIN Specs:

  • 50 Candella
  • 1250 lumens
  • field-serviceable lense
  • momentary or constant-on
  • Waterproof rating of IPX8 (they said they’ve tested it up to four days in water with no problems)


REIN Weapon Light Kit. Image source: Cloud Defensive.
  • Light
  • Remote switch
  • 3rd generation LCS with the patented cable control
  • Integrated push-button tailcap
  • Picatinny mount
  • Charger
  • Battery

Available Q2 2020

Cloud Defensive debuted the REIN and REIN Micro this week at SHOT Show. They say it’ll be available this April.

Watch This

Cloud Defensive CEO gave Andrew Ha from Fifty Shades of FDE the full product run-down. Watch the video.

Oh, and by the way, Cloud Defensive is a member of the Morningwood Bazaar. If you haven’t heard of the bazaar, go check it out. You’re welcome. Seriously.

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