XTech Tactical: Gen 2 MAG47 AK47 Mags

XTech Tactical has released of its second generation of the complete line of their MAG47 AK47 mags. The company boasts this second-gen of the MAG47 as the strongest polymer AK47 magazine to ever be made in the USA, with a stainless steel cage reinforcing the locking lugs and feed lips–the part of the mag where strength is “mission critical.”

The first generation MAG47 is recognized as a leading US-made magazine, and XTech says the second generation of the line raises the bar even higher.

XTech Tactical Gen 2 MAG 47 AK47 mags
XTech says they’ve extensively tested these new mags, firing 20,000 plus rounds.

The folks at XTech Tactical worked extensively with manufacturers to make certain this magazine fit into every rifle we could get our hands on, and in their words, “The MAG47 lives up to the renowned reliability of the AK47 platform.

XTech Tactical second-generation AK47 mags.
These second-gen mags have an improved tread pattern, overall thinner profle, and modified follower for better compatibility with all AK-style variants. It’s a 30-round mag, with a Bolt Hold Open option for those who prefer it.

Second-gen improvements:

  • An improved tread pattern for enhanced grip
  • Overall thinner profile and reduced waffle pattern height
  • Modified follower for increased overall compatibility with all AK style variants
XTech Tactical MAG47 AK47 mags
Note: These will not ship to CA, CO, Cook County IL, MD, MA, NJ, NY, VT, DC, CT, HI or internationally. Those in restricted states should check out the MAG47 10/30 model.

The MAG47 Lineup

  • MAG47 featuring lifetime warranty and stainless-steel reinforced lugs and feedlips
  • MAG47mil featuring the MAG47 with an added solid machined steel rear lug
  • MAG47 10/30 aka “Commuformia Special” field strippable 10rd magazine for restricted
MAG47 10/30 Commufornia 10-round
For restricted states, these AK47 mags are marked as 10rd Magazine. Contstructed with stainless steel reinforced feed lips and locking lugs, and the reduced spring will not function with the blocker removed.

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