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Recently, the good folks at We The People Holsters sent me a sample of their work to check out. They make hand crafted holsters from Kydex right here in the good ol’ US of A and their holsters have a lifetime warranty.

We the People Holster review
Two We The People holsters. The left holster is for the Springfield Armory Hellcat and has been in use daily for months. It still looks like new!

Each holster is custom molded to the particular firearm that you order it for, and they make them for a wide range of manufacturers, including: Glock, S&W, Taurus, Sig, H&K, Springfield Armory, Ruger, 1911s, Beretta, Kahr, Kimber, SCCY, CZ, Walther, various revolvers, Bersa, Keltec, FN, Canik, Colt, Browning, and others.

We the People holsters with Springfield Armory Hellcat and Glock 43X.
On left is the SA Hellcat, on right is the Glock 43X. In the middle is the magazine carrier.

The holsters come in over two dozen colors and prints, including black, tan, gray, orange, teal blue, pink. The prints include one with “We The People” that is a print of part of the US Constitution (this is the one that I ordered, and I absolutely love it), a flag print with a blue, red, or yellow stripe, a red/white/blue flag, “Don’t Tread On Me”, “Molon Labe”, and several camouflage patterns, as well as a few other cool graphics. The variety is amazing and each design is seriously cool looking. There is also a pattern that resembles carbon fiber. Not to sound corny, but there really is something for everyone here.

Springfield Hellcat holster from We the People with the US Constitution graphic.
This graphic is my favorite, I love it! Daily use for over six months has not worn the graphic on my daughter’s holster for the Hellcat, it still looks new!

There are IWB (Inside the Waistband) holsters and OWB (Outside The Waistband) holsters, all made from Kydex.

The particular holster I received is for a Glock 43X IWB with the “We The People” print. I have to be honest, the print is what attracted me to the holster initially because it looks so amazingly cool. The other thing that made me want one of these holsters is the fact that a member of my family had purchased one several months ago and has been pleased with the holster (the pistol carried in that one is a Springfield Armory Hellcat). That particular holster has held up perfectly over several months’ worth of carry and is still going strong, so durability is confirmed.

My holster is very well made, it’s sturdy and not flimsy in any way. When the pistol is inserted, it is held snugly in place and does not move around while being carried. When I draw the pistol, it comes out very easily and smoothly. In fact, it seems that they’ve figured out how to get the perfect balance of holding the pistol in snugly while still allowing it to be drawn extremely easily, which makes this holster a great example of efficiency.

We the People Holsters, triggers covered on Springfield Hellcat and Glock 43X.
The holsters do a nice job of covering the triggers, which is mandatory for safety.

That point really struck home with me because I have another Kydex holster from a different maker who shall remain nameless that I had been carrying my Glock 43X in for many months. It holds my Glock very securely, but the thing is, when I draw the pistol, the holster wants to come along with it! Drawing the pistol from that one necessitates a tug of war between me and the holster. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds, but it is definitely a factor. In an emergency, this would not be an ideal situation.

Glock 19X in We the People holster, appendix carry.
The holster tucks into the body nicely and allows a very smooth drawstroke while holding the pistol snugly.

Not so with We The People holsters! Prepare yourself for a smooth ride! Rather than working against the user, this holster helps
rather than hinders.

The belt clip holds the holster in place very securely with minimal shifting around and is sturdily made.

We the People Holster holes for mounting the clip.
There are two sets of holes for the clip, which allows different mounting options. It can go lower or even cant at an angle.
We the People holster clip secured to belt in appendix carry.
Here we see the clip, which secures over the belt tightly.
We the People Holsters with Springfield Hellcat and Glock 43X - clips
The clips for the holsters are very secure.

Another portion of this holster that needs to be mentioned is the sweat guard. It is utterly perfect because it extends up high enough to serve as a barrier between the pistol and your skin, but it is not sharp and the shape is such that it doesn’t dig into the stomach when the wearer bends over. This goes a long way in making this holster more comfortable than some others on the market, and it is apparent that a great deal of thought went into this design.

The simplicity with which the holster is made, coupled with its effectiveness, is something to marvel at. Their prices are quite reasonable too. Most of the IWB holsters retail for around $40 and the OWB holsters are usually in the $50 range at the time of this writing. Checking their website will often reveal specials that they are running, so prices can normally be even lower. For what the user gets, this is exceptionally reasonable.

The package I received also had other goodies, including stickers and a few coupons for future purchases of holsters. There was also a t-shirt, since We The People also makes a line of apparel, which includes shirts, hoodies, hats, and gun belts, among other items. They also make magazine carriers.

But wait…there’s more! They also make bacon jerky that is to die for! Flavors include Western BBQ, Applewood Smoke, Maple, and Sriracha. Seriously, if you enjoy bacon, you need to get some of this stuff! It comes in a sealed plastic pouch and it’s a real treat.

We The People Holsters bacon jerky
YUM! (image source: We The People Holsters)

The products that I’ve reviewed so far from We The People have been of very high quality and I’ve not been disappointed. To be honest, I’ve found my go-to holster maker for the future, I’ll definitely be getting some more of their products soon and highly recommend them.

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