Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S22 with a Case from Urban Armor Gear

A good smartphone is an investment. We rely on them for practically every part of our lives. It makes sense to protect them from whatever damage we may incur on them. Stuff happens, and those who live active lifestyles need a little extra protection for their phones. If you’re planning on getting the new Samsung Galaxy S22, you’ll be interested to know that Urban Armor Gear has cases already in stock and available for purchase. The retail release date for the new phone is February 25, so it makes sense to have a protective case ready for your new phone.

Urban Armor Gear Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cases
Urban Armor Gear designs their cases to be rugged and sleek with the active lifestyle in mind. So, your phone can be stylish, (or badass, depending on your vernacular), and protected.

Here are a few options from the Samsung Galaxy S22 collection. Additionally, UAG offers cases for the S22 Plus  and S22 Ultra too, both of which include a camouflage option.

  • The Monarch collection (UAG’s flagship case) can withstand up to 20 foot drops because of its blend of a durable exoskeleton with a shock-absorbing frame. There’s a Kevlar option that takes protection to the next level!
Samsung Galaxy S22 cases from Urban Armor Gear - Monarch collection
Touted as the quintessential all-terrain, rugged protective case, Monarch is equipped with 5-layer premium protection: a shock-resistant core, an unmistakable signature armor frame, layered with top-grain leather (or carbon fiber), a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware, and impact-resistant rubber surround. 
  • The Civilian collection (UAG’s best-selling case) is now even tougher with HyperCush impact protection, a polycarbonate shell and shock absorbing TPU panels.
Samsung Galaxy S22 phone cases from Urban Armor Gear - Civilian collection
Civilian Series protective cases are engineered with UAG’s HyperCush technology to dampen and disperse the energy created when a mobile device collides with another surface. Simply put, it cushions your precious phone when it slips out of your grip. This patent-pending, lab-tested design is created by layering two shock-absorbing materials with a dynamic hexagon pattern. Civilian is a modern, rugged phone case for the modern wanderer in search of discreet protection.
  • For those prioritizing aesthetics, the Plyo collection is crystal clear and allows the S22 details to shine through. Plus, it still has Airsoft corners to add a extra cushion to high-impact areas and ensures 16 feet of drop protection.
Deciding between protection or looks is a thing of the past. The translucent Plyo Series combines advanced military tested drop protection with a minimalist aesthetic creating beautiful everyday armor and security for your phone. Redefining bulky cases without compromising protection.

You can check out all the cases here! Plus, UAG says you can receive 50% off a glass screen protector with purchase of a new case through March 9.

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