Tactical Response Kit from ASP

This kit from Armament Systems and Procedures may look attractive to Law Enforcement Agencies, especially after all the unrest we’ve seen in the last year. This Tactical Response kit is a portable, turnkey, instantly-deployable system of critical equipment for riots and other crowd control incidents.

Altogether, the kit has a retail value of $360 but ASP is offering it at a bundled price of $249, making them more economic for the agencies who employ them.

Armament Systems and Procedures Tactical Response Kit $249.

So, what’s in the kit, and how does it help?

Here’s how ASP describes the kit:

The the ASP Tactical Response Kit—a prepackaged solution containing a supply of disposable restraints, a retractable baton, carrying cases and related accessories. The kit is designed as a portable and cost-effective way for every officer and vehicle to be prepared for crowd control and riot situations.

The Tactical Response Kit includes six ASP Tri-Fold disposable restraints, which are not only essential for mass arrest scenarios, but also important in minimizing transmission of surface-borne pathogens. The Tri-Folds in the kit are fully assembled and ready for instant deployment: two are pre-loaded into the included carrying case, and the remaining four are pre-assembled, secured with storage bands, and clipped to the included carabiner. A Scarab safety cutter is also provided; this compact tool removes the restraints quickly and precisely, without the risk of an exposed blade. The Scarab stores in its own pocket on the side of the restraint case.

The Tactical Response Kit simultaneously addresses surface-borne pathogens and crowd control.
The Tactical Response Kit simultaneously addresses surface-borne pathogens and crowd control.

The kit also includes a Talon Infinity 60cm retractable baton. ASP’s latest and most advanced baton, the Talon Infinity extends from its compact, 10-inch stowed length to a full 24 inches, making it suitable for riot and crowd control use. Its push button release allows the Talon to be retracted quickly and smoothly, directly into the included Envoy Scabbard. Also supplied with the baton is a pre-installed Grip Cap, which improves retention and leverage.

The entire, twelve-piece system—available with either black or yellow Tri-Fold Restraints—comes in a durable, slim-profile storage and transport bag that takes up minimal space in a patrol car. The total retail value of the components is $360, but it is offered at a bundled MSRP of just $249, to make it budget-friendly for agencies to deploy.

The ASP Tactical Response Kit | Break it Down

• Tri -Fold Restraints (6) – Single-use restraints are critical for riot duty, and help minimize the contamination risk of re-using regular handcuffs. The kit includes six Tri-Folds, packed pre-assembled and ready for use; 2 are pre-loaded in the included belt case, and 4 additional for replenishment.

ASP Tri-Fold Restraints
Tri-Fold Restraints

• Scarab Cutter  – Ultra-compact, fast-operating Tri-Fold cutter with fully-shielded blade for complete safety.

 ASP Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter
Scarab Tri-Fold Cutter

• Carrying Case  – Holds two Tri-Folds and Scarab Cutter

ASP Carrying case for tri-fold restraints and scarab cutter. Tactical Response Kit.
Carrying Case

• Carabiner – Provided as an alternate/supplemental carrying option for Tri-Folds.

ASP polymer carabiner in Tactical Response Kit.
Polymer Carabiner

• Talon Infinity 60cm Baton  – Our latest, state-of-the-art tactical baton. Extends quickly and decisively to a full length of approximately 24 inches—suitable for crowd control/riot use—and retracts to under 10 inches for compact carry and storage.

ASP tactical response kit, Talon Infinity Baton, 60cm.
Talon Infinity Baton, 60cm

• Grip Cap – Flared baton cap improves retention—especially critical in crowd situations—and adds leverage.

ASP Tactical Response Kit - Grip Cap (T Series).
Grip Cap (T Series)

• Envoy Scabbard – Custom-designed for the Talon Infinity Baton, with a closed bottom that allows the baton to be collapsed directly into the scabbard. Positionable to 7 different angles

ASP Tactical Kit - Envoy Scabbard. Securely carries an ASP Talon Baton, while allowing rapid deployment. Positionable to 7 different angles
Envoy Scabbard

• View Bag – All kit components are pre-packaged in this low-profile carrying case. *Carrying bag color may vary.

ASP Tactical Response-Kit Centurion View Bag
Centurion View Bag

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