Review: We The People Defender Tactical Leggings

If there is one item of clothing I’m always down to wear, it’s leggings. You can claim they are not pants and are not designed for daily wear, but I will fight you on it and I’ll win because my leggings make a fantastic range of motion possible. All that said, there are a lot of different leggings out there. We The People recently came out with their Defender Tactical leggings and when the opportunity arose for me to try them out, I jumped at it.

Defender Tactical Leggings

On their website, We The People got into the details of how and why they ended up making these leggings:

“We weren’t satisfied with other concealed carry leggings on the market. They are either made in China, extremely itchy, fall apart after 2 washes, or offer very unsafe carry options that could allow accidental discharges. So we decided to build the best pair of concealed carry leggings from the ground up with comfort, durability, and safety in mind. You like leggings because they are damn comfortable, but you also want to protect yourself, and we made the ultimate combination. Enter the Defender.

“Designed for everyday carry, the Defender is available in a variety of styles, including full-length leggings, capri leggings, and short leggings. All styles are available in standard waist with a reinforced waistband & belt loops to accommodate any type of belt, even our tactical gun belt, and high waist for style and comfort. Whatever you’re packing and however much ammo you like to carry, these leggings can hold it all. Hand-made in the USA by Veterans and Patriots, they are the epitome of toughness.

“These concealed carry leggings feature deep and tight, secure pockets, partially lined with heavy-duty ballistic nylon, perfect for carrying knives or other EDC items. That’s right – BALLISTIC NYLON. Now your pants won’t get shredded just by carrying your normal EDC goodies. The heavy weight 4-way stretch material is double-sided brushed for softness and comfort, but is thick-enough to prevent any unwanted glances when you squat. The material also features moisture management technology that keeps your skin cool and dry. Whether you’re at the range, the office, or taking the kids to the park, these leggings are perfect for any occasion.”

First Impressions

The Defender Tactical leggings arrived in a rather impressive cardboard box so it was like opening the holy grail of range pants rather than tearing open a bag and dumping its contents out. Bonus points for good-looking packaging.

Defender tactical leggings
The leggings ship in a sturdy cardboard box and have the company’s logo patch on one hip. (Photo credit: Kat Ainsworth Stevens)

There’s no mention of what these are made from on the company’s website other than the fact they have four-way stretch and are “heavy-duty.” By touch and look the material appears to be the type of spandex-and-nylon combination commonly used for leggings. They are slick and shiny, not matte or densely textured.

The stitching is reinforced and these leggings come with somewhat wide belt loops which makes sense since the wearer is supposed to be able to wear them while carrying firearms whether openly or concealed. The belt loops are made from the same material as the leggings, folded over and stitched down the center of each loop. There’s also an American flag patch below the right-side hip pocket and a We The People patch below the left-side hip pocket. There are two pockets (one on each side).

Defender Tactical leggings nylon on inside of hip pockets
There are strips of nylon inside the anterior edge of each hip pocket. (Photo credit: Kat Ainsworth Stevens)
Defender tactical leggings hip pocket
The pockets from the outside. (Photo credit: Kat Ainsworth Stevens)

We The People states these leggings are “partially lined with heavy-duty ballistic nylon.” Taking a close look at the leggings, it appears the additional lining is located along the anterior portion of the inside of each hip pocket.

My pair of Defender Tactical leggings are the full-length design but they are also offered as shorts and capris. Black is currently the only color and the stitching is also black. The two patches have white letters and details.

We the People Defender Tactical Leggings review
We The People Defender Tactical Leggings.

Putting Them to the Test

These are fairly comfortable leggings best suited to mild weather. If it’s too hot, like it tends to get here in Texas, you’re going to roast alive no matter what brand or style of leggings you wear. Freezing cold weather cuts right through leggings, too, so it comes as no surprise these are ideal for mild days. They fit well and are thick enough that they aren’t see-through, even when you bend and twist.

Length is something that comes up all the time with pants in general, let alone with leggings. I’m 5’9″ and found the full-length design was all right although there was a gap above my shoes. If you wear boots, you’re covered. These are a normal length for the style of leggings, neither excessively short nor long.

belt loops on defender tactical leggings
Belt loops on the Defender Tactical leggings measured about 1 1/2 inches in height and are stitched at the center. (Photo credit: Kat Ainsworth Stevens)

The belt loops are a bit narrower than my favorite gun belts. No size is listed on the company’s website but my unprofessional attempt at measuring loop height yielded the results of just under 1-1/2 inches. My heavy nylon 1-1/2-inch belts definitely over-stretched the loops but you can make it work.

However, I tend to carry full-size guns, and the weight of a full-size handgun dragged the leggings down. Even with a great gun belt, the lopsided bulk of a loaded handgun was a bit much for these leggings. That said, if you have something more along the size of a Ruger LCP Max, it works. Stepping up a bit to the Sig P365 or Glock 48 is enough to cause some slipping and dipping. Guns like the popular Glock G17 are unquestionably heavy as are most of the 1911s I tried (think Commander and Government). Micros and many subcompacts will be sufficiently lightweight.

On the range, I’d suggest avoiding kneeling or going prone without caution. The material of these leggings is thin enough you’re going to feel every pebble in unpleasant ways if you simply drop to your knees. They’re comfortable to wear and great for a casual range day but if you’re doing a lot of prone work, maybe wear something heavier duty.

Bottom line?

These Defender Tactical Leggings from We The People are comfy and nice for running around town or for a kicked-back day of target practice. You can carry your favorite micro handgun in them and the pockets are deeper than what’s usually thrown onto women’s pants. That means they’re useful for your cell phone or knife (just don’t forget you put them there). You cannot carry a handgun with a belt in standard leggings, so if you want that ability, these leggings are worth a closer look.


  • Double-sided brushed material for softness & comfort.
  • Moisture management technology keeps skin dry & cool.
  • Hand-made in the USA for extreme durability.
  • Deep, tight, and secure pockets to carry all your EDC items.
  • Pockets partially lined with heavy-duty ballistic nylon to prevent shredding.
  • Available in standard waist with belt loops or high-waist without belt loops
  • Styles include: shorts, capris, and full-length
  • Thick, yet comfortable, 4-way stretch material ensures your ass won’t show
  • Black

MSRP: $89.99

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