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RE Factor Tactical Hitman Paper Targets

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Today we’re gonna take a look at a pretty badass target intended for training for that distance shot: the RE Factor Hitman Target. The Hitman, just one of RE Factor’s many badass paper targets, is described as an all-in-one long range target with specific sections for zeroing an optic, shooter/ spotter communication, wind calls, and more.

RE Factor Hitman Paper Targets
RE Factor Tactical Hitman paper target
RE Factor Hitman Paper Targets.

Numerous comments and reviews indicate it is very good for long-range training, whether you’re honing your precision skills for competition or dialing them in to go stack bodies in some foreign land where they hate freedom and have never seen a John Wayne movie.

RE Factor Hitman Paper Targets.

You can buy a Hitman (or 100, or 512, or whatever) here on The Hitman page of the targets section of their website.

Take a look a RE Factor’s 1-2-3 Drill on the Hitman Target.

RE Factor describes the Hitman as one designed to…

…offer long range shooters a comprehensive zeroing and engagement system for precision marksmanship. Printed with a grid overlay system in both Metric and US/Imperial measurements, shooters can see their impact offset and be adjusted onto different zeroing squares. The squares have been sized 1-3″ for maintaining a 1 MOA zero at 100, 200, and 300 yards with precision aiming points at their centers. They have also been colored to contrast with red and black reticles for improved sight picture. Lastly, the target can be rotated 90º for MILDOT measurements for wind call adjustments.

  • Measures: 23″ x 35″
  • Metric and US/Imperial units of measure
  • Grid overlay system
  • Made in the USA

About RE Factor Tactical

Although well known for their tactical equipment and survival gear, RE Factor also produces an excellent line of paper targets, informational blog posts, and an outstanding VA loan guide.

Follow RE Factor on Instagram, @refactortactical, find them on Facebook, /RE Factor Tactical/, or connect with ’em in their team room.

This article originally appeared on Breach Bang Clear in April 2018 and is republished here with the permission of the owner and staff.

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