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Primary Arms has announced a new monthly giveaway for June, which offers a premium AR-308 package valued at over $3,880.

Grey Ghost Precision S-Heavy AR 308 Rifle giveaway
The giveaway rifle is a DMR that’s built around the Grey Ghost S-Heavy AR 308, with a Primary Arms GLx 4-16, PLx cantilever scope mount, Streamlight weapon light, 20-round PMAGs, and BFG two-point sling.

As Primary Arms desribes this rifle:

“The Designated Marksman Rifle has gone through a lot of versions and iterations through the years, but we think ours might just be one of the best yet. With a top-of-the-line rifle, a purpose-driven scope, and all the extras and accessories you need to get shooting, this DMR build couldn’t be more range-ready.”

To enter this giveaway, click here.

Built around the Grey Ghost Precision S-Heavy AR 308 Rifle, this precision rifle package has everything you need to hit targets at long distance. To help get you there, they’re including a PA Optics’ GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope with ACSS HUD DMR .308 Reticle and PLx Cantilever 30mm Rifle Scope Mount. For low light performance, Primary Arms has also included a Streamlight ProTac HL-X 1000-lumen Weapon Light with an Arisaka Defense mount.

Primary Arms GLx 4-16 rifle scope
The GLx 4-16 FFP scope has an illuminated ACSS HUD DMR 5.56/.308 reticle. PA says it’s got enough magnification power to neutralize challenging targets out to 800 yards but still dials down to 4x for intermediate-range elements.

To complete the package, they have also included a Blue Force Gear Vickers slingMagpul mounting swivels, 5 Magpul 20-round magazines, and two Primary Arms t-shirts. This brings the total value of the rifle package up to $3,880. For marksmen looking to improve their hardware for mid- to long-range precision, this rifle giveaway is the perfect opportunity.

Streamlight HL-X weapon mounted light
The Streamlight HL-X packs 1000 lumens of output and over 27,000 candela, with enough throw to illuminate targets at over 300 yards, with plenty of flood to light up a room indoors.

“Primary Arms has always been driven by precision, and this month, we’re exciting to be giving away a precision rifle that can go the distance,” says Dina Sanders, Brand Marketing Manager. “This giveaway is completely free, so we encourage every eligible enthusiast to claim their entries this month!”

20-round PMAG with Grey Ghost Precision rifle
They’re throwing in SIX PMAGs!

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