5.11 Tactical | National Preparedness Lineup

In recognition of National Preparedness Month (September), 5.11 Tactical is hosting multiple trainings and giveaways, including in-store Always Be Ready (ABR) Academy classes and a video series featuring former Navy SEAL and survivalist Clint Emerson. They are also hosting giveaways online and in their 53 retail locations nationwide.

Preparedness – Always Be Ready Academy

The ABR Academy classes are free of charge, in which subject matter experts will offer interactive instruction on trauma care, self-defense, preparedness, EDC, and outdoor adventure. The instructors include law enforcement officers, medics, veterans, active-duty service personnel, and professionally trained survivalists.

“Preparedness is a significant part of 5.11’s brand DNA,” says Deb Radcliff, Chief Marketing Officer of 5.11. “Our ABR Academy is just one of the ways 5.11 provides consumers with the knowledge, gear and pertinent skills necessary to always be ready for their next challenge. National Preparedness Month is an opportunity for us to honor the first responders and servicemen and women in our country, as well as educate our consumers so they’re better prepared on-duty, while training, or on their next adventure.”

Here is the list of ABR Academy classes across the US throughout the month of September. Emerson will make personal special-guest appearances to host Go-Bag Building ABR Academies in Frisco, TX and Arlington TX. For more detailed information, go to 5.11’s Upcoming Events page.

Preparedness Video Series

The video series 100 Deadly Skills is a nine-part series covering:

  • How to Build a Go Bag
  • How to Escape a Car Trunk
  • How to Use a Flashlight for Defense
  • Warrior Workout
  • The Defensive Pen
  • Every Day Carry Tips
  • Building a Tactical Nightstand
  • How to Escape Duct Tape
  • Counter-Espionage Techniques

From Propper:

Emerson has spent a lifetime surviving the most difficult situations on earth and wholeheartedly embodies 5.11’s Always Be Ready ethos. In the new video series, 100 Deadly Skills presented by 5.11, Clint will teach everything from go-bag basics to escaping a kidnapping and what to know for every situation in between. With the right equipment, mindset, and training, 5.11 gives you what you need to Always be Ready.

National Preparedness Month Giveaways

And finally, online and in-store 5.11 customers will receive a copy of Clint Emerson’s best-selling book, 100 Deadly Skills, with purchases of $125 or higher. Also, 5.11 is going to give away copies of the book at ABR Academy classes, and a free pouch with the purchase of a pack or bag during in-store ABR Academy events.

Read more about 5.11 Tactical here.


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