Obskura Camo Patterns from Kryptek

“It Kicks Ass!”

From the “Battlefield to the Backcountry” is the soul of the Kryptek brand. Obskura takes passive concealment in the visual spectrum to the next level. The science and engineering used to develop the Obskura family of Camo patterns is unprecedented in the hunting industry. Proof of effectiveness in the industry is completely subjective and usually provided by feedback from end-users. The feedback for Obskura has been consistent: It Kicks Ass!

New Obskura camo pattern from Kryptex
New Obskura camo pattern from Kryptex

Obskura Origens

Obskura was born out of the vast experience and insight Kryptek gained through the U.S. Army Camo Improvement Effort and development efforts with other Foreign Militaries. In summary, the macro-pattern of Kryptek’s original family of patterns became the micro-pattern for Obskura, and elements inspired by the extensively proven Tiger Stripe Camo became the macro-pattern. For decades, Tiger Stripe has been used extensively in various theaters of operations and is a proven winner in military tests focused specifically on effectiveness. Tiger Stripe improves concealment when facing opponents equipped with enhanced visual acquisition devices in the IR (infrared) and SWIR spectrums.


With well-defined edges that cause abrupt transitions between colors and a multi-directional flow, Kryptek Obskura does six things extremely well:

  • Dynamic break-up of the user’s outline for a lower probability of detection from naked-eye acquisition;
  • Improved effectiveness of concealment at longer ranges with a bolder and well-defined macro-pattern;
  • Enhanced concealment in IR and SWIR;
  • Worldwide effectiveness with multi-environment flexibility;
  • Striking shelf appeal with intensified uniqueness;
  • Extremely functional.


Obskura is divided into three core patterns: Transitional, Grom, and Nox.

Obskura Transitional

Kryptek Obscura - Transitional Pattern. blends with traditional earth surface value colors.
Kryptek Obscura – Transitional Pattern.

This pattern blends in with numerous environments within the transitional classification of terrain that makes up 70% of the Earth’s surface. Proven through military studies and analysis, Transitional uses medium value colors based off the prominent Pantones found in those environments. These colors have a greater tendency to make use of ambient light reflected off surrounding objects for maximum blending effect.

Obskura Grom

Kryptek Obskura - Grom Pattern.
Kryptek Obskura – Grom Pattern.

This pattern was developed from input and feedback from both U.S. and Coalition Special Operations testing in winter environments and conditions, specifically in winter theaters of operations where green vegetation is still visible. Obskura Grom is next level winter condition concealment.

Obskura Nox

Kryptek Obskura - Nox Pattern.
Kryptek Obskura – Nox Pattern.

The Nox pattern was generated in the wake of popularity of the Kryptek Typhon(black) pattern, and prepotency of Typhon uniforms used by various law enforcement and global Counter Terrorist units. A purely psychological pattern, Obskura Nox allows end-users to pair the functionality of Obskura Transitionaluniforms with the consistency and retention of IFF.

About Kryptek Outdoor Group

Kryptek provides combat-proven features and designs in ultra high-performance technical and tactical outdoor adventure apparel. Kryptek products are continuously tested and proven in austere combat environments and extreme hunting conditions. Constant improvement and feedback is implemented into future designs with the end-goal of providing our products to outdoor adventurers who demand the utmost in quality and overall performance in their gear.

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