NC Teachers get Bleeding Control Kit

York School District 1 in Charlotte, NC have upped their efforts in emergency response. Every classroom has now been supplied with a Bleeding Control Kit from Tramedic Response System. Previously, the district only had 12 of these kits, but as Chrystal Nichols, school nurse at Harold C. Johnson, said,

With 480 children at this school, 12 kits is going to help 12 individuals. Hoping not all of them are going to need emergency assistance. But the more you can have and the more prepared you can be, the better. So having a kit in each room, having the best care and the quickest care, is at our advantage,” Nichols said.

Many school districts are working toward more comprehensive levels of preparedness in the event of on-campus emergency situations. York School District 1’s Safety, Security, and Transportation Director Kevin Queen said,

“The kits are going to make sure our teachers are prepared in that worst-case emergency. That our school and all the teachers in our schools carry those with them – that level of preparedness is so important,” 

Read more about the Bleeding Control Kit here.

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