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Kryptek Camo and its parent company, Kryptek Outdoor Group was founded by Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn in 2011. After serving in Iraq, Whiting and Cleghorn realized that they shared a passion for big-game hunting, so they decided to transpose their knowledge of military apparel to the world of hunting apparel. The Kryptek Camo line is unique in that they make technical hunting clothing base on tactical military apparel characteristics.

Kryptek Camo | Battlefield to Backcountry
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According to the Kryptek website:

After years of combat in ultra extreme conditions and environments, Butch Whiting and Josh Cleghorn began their journey in what would result in the Kryptek Outdoor Group saw a need in the hunting apparel industry. It was lacking a technical clothing line that was functional, durable, dependable, reliable, and didn’t break the bank. That’s why we formed Kryptek.

Kryptek’s camo patterns are different than most of the camo you see on the market. It decidedly confuses they eyes. This has been confirmed by U.S. Department of Defense laser-retinal tracking tests; subjects took longer to locate Kryptek than any other camo. Why? Most camo uses stick and leaf imaging for their patterns. But Kryptek’s design layers micro and macro imaging that is inspired by artillery camouflage netting. The result is a 3D appearance in the 2D fabric, producing near-invisibility.

Kryptek currently has apparel choices in nine different camo patterns. Recently they announced the Obskura line that will be available in the Spring of 2020.

Kryptek Camo | Altitude

Image Source: Kryptek

Wow! That messes with your eyes doesn’t it? ~and that’s the point, exactly.

If you look closely at the jacket, you can see that the pattern isn’t just sticks and leaves. The pattern has an assortment of something that looks like scales, splotches, and shadows. My description is way less technical than the actual design, though.

The Altitude pattern was designed for hunting above the timberline where the plant and animal life are conditioned to withstand the harsh winds of the extreme climate. At this altitude, trees cannot survive and the plants that are able to eke out an existence are mostly small and cushiony. Granite peaks and wind-swept basins are the backdrop behind the scattering of greens and shrubbery. Regular camo simply would not serve the big-game hunter’s purpose in this environment, which is where Kryptek’s Altitude line of gear comes in.

There are 16 items in Kryptek’s line of Altitude gear. Seven tops, two bottoms, two hats, gloves, overmitts, and two gaiters.

Kryptek says: Blend into your environment! The Altitude collection is ultimately designed for alpine (above tree line) environments where conditions are extreme, changing quickly and often. The fabrics chosen for this collection are produced by European industry leader Schoeller® Textile AG. Extensively used in the mountaineering community, Schoeller® is known for their innovated, technical fabrics produced with the highest quality material and designed for extreme performance. – Image credit: Kryptek
Kryptek says: “Congratulations to Kryptek Prostaff member, Dan Catlin, on completing his Grand Slam with this incredible Stone Sheep!” – Image credit: Kryptek

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