Hoppe’s Dual-Side Lockable Gun Vise

Hoppe’s just introduced the company’s first and most complete firearm cleaning station on the market with the introduction of its new Hoppe’s Gun Vise. Designed to accommodate any cleaning need, the new Gun Vise sets itself apart from the competition by offering dual lockable sides that securely hold your firearm in place.

Hoppe’s Gun Vise easily accommodates all styles of long guns, shotguns and other popular modern sporting rifles.
Hoppe’s Gun Vise easily accommodates all styles of long guns, shotguns and other popular modern sporting rifles.

Constructed on a durable polymer frame designed to provide a life-time of use, the new Hoppe’s Gun Vise easily accommodates all styles of long guns, shotguns and other popular modern sporting rifles. Featuring the iconic Hoppe’s red and black colors, the new vise has been engineered to provide maximum convenience whether needing extra space for small parts or for adjusting the fit of your firearm through its multi-positional grip holder.

On the base of the new Gun Vise, multiple compartments provide ample storage and integral slots at the rear are conveniently placed for commonly used items like tools and cleaning rods. The new Hoppe’s Gun Vise also includes rubber over molded feet for extra security when placing on surfaces of all types.

“The new Gun Vise was a natural fit to the Hoppe’s line as it provides a perfect extension to our well-known line of gun care products and cleaning solutions,” said Laurie Kokoruda, Sr. Product Line Manager for Hoppe’s. “Not only does it provide a secure, yet simple solution for holding your firearm in place with its unique dual locking sides, but it also aligns perfectly with the Hoppe’s promise of making gun care easy and convenient.”

The new Hoppe’s Gun Vise has an MSRP of $59.99.

For more information on the new vise or any of the Hoppe’s legendary gun cleaning solutions visit www.hoppes.com.

For new product sheets and high-resolution images on this new product, access the online press kit: http://media.vistaoutdoor.com/presskit/NPS/Hoppes/gun-vise.aspx.

Hoppe’s, a Vista Outdoor brand and makers of the legendary gun cleaning solution Hoppe’s No.9, serves shooter of all disciplines, and offers gun care products that meet the rigorous standards Frank Hoppe established more than 110 years ago.

About Hoppe’s

In 1903, Frank August Hoppe mixed nine chemicals and created the world’s most effective gun cleaner. As a well-trained young soldier, Frank knew that gun care went far beyond just a clean rifle, but actually helped to ensure his safety while on the front lines of battle. Since that time, Hoppe’s has emerged as the leading gun care company, having grown along-side hunters, shooters, and soldiers who depend on their firearms every day. It has remained the most trusted name in gun care by advancing and evolving technologies to meet those needs. From the ever-popular and versatile No. 9 and the quick and easy BoreSnake, to the marvel of efficiency we call Gun Medic, Hoppe’s is the only name you need to know for firearm cleaning and protection. For more information, visit www.hoppes.com., connect on Instagram at www.instagram.com/hoppesguncare/ or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/hoppesguncare.

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