Gen 3 Vertx Bags and EDC Packs: Contemporary Carry

The third generation of EDC packs and CCW bags from Vertx are now making their way into the wild. The first pack sortie includes the Vertx GAMUT, their READY PACK, and the NAVIGATOR.

The company tells us, 

“Life comes at you fast, but you take pride in being prepared for anything and everything. Like you, our next generation of bags and packs are ready for whatever life throws. Each pack can be customized for your exact needs.”

Built for every adventure, every mission, and every day.
Take a look a the key features of the latest generation of Vertx bags

  • Modern exterior with reduced “Tactical” tells
  • Moveable EDC Rapid Access Tab allows you to pick the zipper you want the tab to be on
  • Tactigami™ Double Admin Panel included in every bag
Gen 3 Vertx Bags
  • More loop lining throughout the bags for more customization
  • Laser Cut MOLLE behind front panel (excluding Navigator)
Gen 3 Vertx Bags
Gen 3 Vertx Bags
  • Water bottle retention system to better secure your hydration
  • Plenty of room, modularity, and organizational capability for virtually any need.

Vertx Gen 3 Bags and Packs Explained

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