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Premier Body Armor just announced the release of its Elite Executive Vest, calling it the new standard for American-made, concealed body armor. Based on the Discreet Executive vest that Premier introduced back in 2014, the t

Premier Body Armor Elite Executive Vest
Premier says the Elite Executive Vest is 30% lighter than their standard soft armor.

“Premier Body Armor revolutionized the civilian body armor industry with the introduction of our Discreet Executive Vest. The first ballistic vest of its kind, a vest designed to have the same level of protection as a standard law enforcement vest, but comfortable and concealable enough to wear to high-profile outings.” said Alex Stewart, President of Premier Body Armor. “Now Premier Body Armor is once again raising the bar for personal protection. We took all the features that made our Discreet Executive Vest so popular (flexible side panels, and an aerospace wicking carrier) and combined them with our new HOVERLIGHT ballistics, a proprietary blend of US-made armor fibers, to create the thinnest and lightest wearable armor available to civilians: The Elite Executive Vest.”

According to Premier, the Elite Executive Vest is even more concealable than previous versions of the Executive vest.

Premier Body Armor Elite Executive Vest in black and white
Premier advises that the Executive vest is designed to fit close to the body.  When choosing a size, select one as if you were buying a tight-fitting t-shirt. Spandex in the vest does provide a small amount of stretch.

The company says the new vest will be on display in booth 41548 at Shot Show 2022, if you just happen to be there. If not, well, here’s the run down.

Elite Executive Vest Features

  • Designed and Made in the USA of domestically sourced materials.
  • NIJ Certified Level II
    • Plus Special Treat tested against
      • Winchester 9mm 127gr +p+
      • 9mm Speer 147gr JHP
      • 357 SIG Speer GDHP
      • 40 S&W 165gr Speer GDHP
      • 45 Auto 230gr Remington BJHP
  • Thickness: 0.16in
  • Aerial Density: 0.65 psf
  • Wicking aerospace mesh outer cover with an antimicrobial finish and flexible spandex side panels
  • Additional 5″x8″ trauma pad included on the front for added blunt force trauma protection of the wearer’s vitals
  • YKK Zippers on both sides
  • The outer carrier is Machine Washable

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