DTLgear First Aid Kits for Outdoorsmen & Shooters

NEW BRITAIN, CONN. – DTLgear announces the addition of a high-quality first aid kit made specifically for outdoorsmen to their product line. Designed to be able to help in any medical emergency until rescuers arrive. The kits are a must-have for any shooter, hunter, camper, hiker, or fisherman & more.

DTLgear’s President David Larson stated, “A vast majority of first aid kits I found being sold had one or more of three issues.1) Dangerous items were included 2) They don’t include items which should be included or 3) They include low quality items. I decided to make a first aid kit for people who love the outdoors and solved these issues”

DTLgear First Aid Kit Features

·Lightweight and compact at 1lb 14oz

·Contains only high quality items

·Includes a complete Emergency Bleeding Control Kit (IFAK) with tourniquet, chest seals, and gauze to stop major bleeding) along with standard first aid products for more minor emergencies.

·Reduced ultraviolet signature on bandages (most game can see in the ultra violet spectrum, this helps prevent you from being seen).

·Usable by one person on themselves if needed

·Available in Red, Orange, Black, and in a hard plastic case

·Multiple means of attachment including belt, gear, hanging, and MOLLE.

The first aid kits have a retail price of $99.95 and are now available at www.dtlgear.com

About DTLgear

DTLgear began when the company’s president was handed an “off the shelf” first aid kit during an emergency while outdoors, which was severely lacking in the needed equipment and quality. Using his experience as an avid outdoorsman and over 20 years as an EMT, DTLgear was created to offer high quality first aid kits designed for anyone who participates in outdoor sporting activities. To learn more, visit www.DTLgear.com.

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