Danner Boots – Full Bore

Danner boots need little introduction, as they enjoy a dazzling reputation in the boot world. Back in 1932, they began producing footwear and have been going strong ever since.

Known for their fine craftsmanship, they offer a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. If the user finds them to be defective, Danner will replace them.

Beyond their warranty, Danner also carries it a step further. Naturally, footwear is going to wear over the years, and even the highest quality boots will eventually degrade. So they offer “Recrafting”, in which they will do everything from replacing parts to “Major overhauls on a stitchdown constructed Danner boot as long as the leather is not seriously damaged.” For further information, Danner suggests contacting their website. This is obviously a company that stands behind their products.

They were kind enough to send me a pair of their “Full Bore” boots for test and evaluation. I had asked them for something “lightweight and tactical.” Well, that’s exactly what I got!

Full Bore – Danner Boots Review

The Full Bore model is designed for tactical use, specifically so that the operator can move quickly and efficiently while keeping him comfortable. Other uses would obviously be hiking, hunting, work, and general, all-around use.

Danner Boots review - Full Bore black
The Danners offer good flexibility and support, as well as grippy traction.

The full-grain leather upper is 100% waterproof and has breathable mesh to keep the feet cool. The boots did, indeed, keep my feet completely dry when I wore them. There is also a version that is specifically crafted to keep your feet cool, which is not waterproof but is reported to be very breathable.

They also sport a removable “OrthoLite Footbed”, which features three layers of cushion and support for your feet, constructed of open-cell polyurethane. It works, too, because the boots felt great on my feet! In fact, these are some of the most comfortable boots ever, and I am very picky when it comes to such things.

Danner boots, full bore in black
The Danner Full Bore is a good looking boot and comes in either black (shown) or Coyote Brown.

The soles of the Full Bore are Vibram and specially formulated to provide extreme traction on all surfaces. The tread on them is fairly aggressive, so they bite into the terrain. They also offer a lot of cushioning to absorb impact, enhancing the comfort that the wearer enjoys. The soles are comprised of two components; a midsole and an outsole. The midsole is the really absorbent part that acts as a shock absorber, which enhances the comfort by absorbing impact. Bottom line…it works great!

I received the boots at the beginning of the Fall season, so I did not experience using them during the sweltering heat of summer. As such, I cannot testify as to how cool they would keep my feet. However, I can tell you that wearing them around the house, my feet felt cool and comfortable (and my feet normally sweat terribly).

The upper is 4.5 inches high, so it does not go very high up the shins. It does cover the ankle adequately and has a nice amount of padding to protect those ankles from injury.

The color of the Full Bore boots I received is Gunmetal Gray, but they also can be had in black and Coyote Brown colors. All versions are fairly attractive looking, and most users will likely find them to be attractive.

Lacing is accomplished via a series of lace holes and metal hooks. Nothing elaborate, it’s fairly simple and it works.

The lacing system can be seen here. Pretty conventional. The metal hook above the ankle is apparent.

Since I did not have a year to beat the hell out of these boots, I will have to take Danner’s word for it when they claim that the boots hold up well. The stitching appears to be very sturdy and carefully carried out. The stitches are even and not sloppily applied, so the attention to detail is obvious.

A nice aspect of these boots is that they were comfortable from the moment I first tried them on. They did not require a break-in period for my feet; I never experienced any hot spots or blisters with them. Other users might have different experiences.

heel of Danner boot with brand embedded
A rear view displays the name branded into the heel.

Retail price for the black and Gunmetal Gray Full Bore boots at the time of this writing is $180, and the Coyote Brown are $160. Street prices will be lower, of course.

Danner boots - Full Bore - top view
Stylish. Lightweight. Waterproof. Sure traction. Reasonably priced. Comfortable. There’s nothing not to like!

All in all, these are outstanding boots. High comfort and durability lead the charge in the desirability department, followed up by an attractive appearance. The warranty is impeccable and takes away any angst that consumers might have. They’re lightweight and will cause less fatigue to the wearer, and the cushioned midsole absorbs impacts. On top of all that, there is the reputation that Danner has earned over the decades. Try a pair, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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