Camo Playing Cards

A notice about these camo playing cards came through the email today so we thought we’d share. They’d make a great gift for hunters, Dad’s, brothers, etc. You know, the ones who like to hunt, shoot, camp, and play some poker on the off-times. We are taking note of these now, because, you know, Father’s Day and birthdays aren’t that far off.

They’re from Realtree, and to make it easy, you can even find these cards on Amazon. They don’t qualify for Amazon Prime, but heck, who cares at $3.99? (If you happen to click on that Amazon link, we make a small commission at no extra cost to you. We thank you, and we promise to be careful with the pennies that are our portion!)

These camo playing cards look like a great gift for the hunting enthusiasts in our lives.
Realtree Edge Woodland Camo Playing Cards.

The cards are coated with water-resistant plastic that can be wiped clean with a cloth. The set is advertised as “Bicycle quality” and they feature bears, bucks, and birds. They measure at 2.5″ x 3.5″

Here’s how Realtree describes them:

Realtree EDGE Camo Playing Cards reflect the outdoor lifestyle while providing a great opportunity for quality time with family members and friends. These outdoorsy playing cards are ideal for family game night or for downtime in camp after the hunt. They also make the perfect gift for fellow hunting enthusiasts.

The deck includes stunning illustrations of woodland creatures that will remind you of the hunt. Each card is printed on durable plastic-coated cardstock for longevity and superior play. The plastic coating has a linen finish for a smooth feel and glossy look.

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