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Franklin Armory just introduce its 9th binary trigger which has the patented Generation 3 Binary Firing System adapted to the Ruger 10/22 platform. After extensive prototyping and testing, the company says the final configuration will be placed into production soon. It should be available mid-summer 2020.

Franklin Armory's new Binary Trigger, the BFSIII 22-C1 is compatible with Ruger 10/22 platforms.
Franklin Armory’s new Binary Trigger, the BFSIII 22-C1 is compatible with Ruger 10/22 platforms. Image source: Franklin Armory.

Franklin Armory President, Jay Jacobson, stated, “Last year, our sales and marketing team tasked our engineers to apply our patented Binary Firing System III technology to the Ruger 10/22 platform because the rifles are relatively inexpensive, the ammunition is cheap, and just about every gun owner in the US already has one! I’m pleased with the final result and think our engineers did a great job!”

Binary Trigger for the Ruger 10/22: BFSIII 22-C1.
Franklin Armory Binary Trigger for Ruger 10/22 platform. SKU: 5775A. MSRP: $299.99.

How does a Binary Trigger work? Here’s how Nicholas Chen, writer for The Mag Life describes it in his article, Binary Trigger – Reviewing the Best Way to Legally Simulate Full Auto:

What is actually happening is an engagement of the sear and hammer. While you are in binary mode you pull and hold the trigger to release the hammer for the first shot. The round fires and the bolt cycles back to reset the hammer. The BFSIII trigger has a second sear engagement that holds the hammer back and when you let the trigger move forward, it releases the hammer again and fires the second round.

Safety Selector

All BFSIII triggers feature a three-mode safety selector.

  • Mode 1 is “Safe.”
  • Mode 2 is “Semi” for semiautomatic.
  • Mode 3 is “Binary” mode.

In Binary mode, the firearm will discharge one round on the pull of the trigger and one round on the release of the trigger. All BFSIII models feature the ability to negate the release round in Binary mode by modulating the safety selector back to “Semi” mode or “Safe.” Additionally, all BFSIII are engineered to prevent the operator from modulating the selector to “Binary” mode while holding the trigger back in “Semi” mode.

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The first Binary Firing System was released for the AR platform in 2015. Learn more about Franklin Armory’s newest trigger and more at

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