ASP Drop-Mag M17 Red Training Gun

By now, if you consistently carry a defensive or duty role pistol, you’re more than familiar with off-range firearms training. Pointing and shooting your carry piece at a target is one thing, but attempting to simulate high-stress firearms retention, scenarios, or demonstrating weapons handling with a group of people presents a whole other challenge in safety.

Every firearm, loaded or unloaded, presents a potential health risk for those involved as more external factors are involved (additional individuals, no clear safe direction for a muzzle, etc.).

This is an issue Armaments Systems & Procedures (ASP) actively addresses with their Enhanced Drop-Mag Red Gun M17 training tool. Building upon their years of experience developing tailor-made law enforcement training devices, ASP products are accessible, reliable, and, most importantly, safe to use.

ASP Drop-mag M17 red training gun
ASP upped the training game with this enhanced M17 red gun. It comes with a functioning mag-release and two removable magazines for more realistic reload and manipulation drills.

Material Construction and Features

The ASP M17 Red Training Gun is a true-to-life replica of the Sig Sauer P320/M17 model of pistols, with exact dimensions of the entire exterior. The slide, the trigger guard, grip, iron sights, and the rail are all true recreations.

The thick polymer construction is specially reinforced for repeated use in physically intensive training sessions. Like their other Red Guns, ASP’s M17 features a functioning magazine release and catch along with two red training polymer magazines. These magazines are non-loadable and solely used for building the repetitions and muscle memory of reloading the firearm.

ASP M17 Red training gun
The closer your training tool is to its real-life counterpart, the closer you are able to replicate the
appropriate reflexes and responses for high stress situations.

The value of having a one-to-one replica only adds to the realism in training, and this is immeasurable. By having the correct dimensions of a real-life pistol counterpart, you can use the same holsters and rail attachments during their non-life fire training as you do in real life. This both saves on having to buy any additional accessories as well as recreates how you would normally carry your defensive firearm.

Ergonomics and Functionality

Additionally, a true replica firearm will naturally inherit the same ergonomics and comfort of your personal weapon. Objects that are familiar your hand during training will translate to how you use them in a real encounter. As I do dry runs with the Red Gun M17, nothing about it feels cheap or weak in its overall design. I’ve repeatedly whacked the sights on hard surfaces and dropped the training gun on wooden floors with no damage or bends to its construction.

The iron sights are durable and line up as intended. Irons or some sort of aiming device is a must-have in training as it adds context. Something as simple as knowing that your mock firearm is lined up correctly and your intent to shoot occur simultaneously only adds to the realism for everyone involved. This is something I’m very much happy ASP did not compromise on with this M17 red training gun.

ASP M17 red gun for training
ASP Red Guns further emphasizes the principle of “train like you fight” without fear of negligently discharging.

My only real gripe with the M17 Red Gun is the magazine catch. While the mags fall out very easily, the actual retention can be inconsistent at times. Upon first opening the box and handling the gun, I only immediately had issues with the magazine staying seated after a reload. If I aggressively punched forward, the magazine could fall out completely. The catch seems to be a bit finicky and there is a noticeable wobble when moving the gun around.

However, over time these have occurred less and less. I do wish the tolerances could have prevented this from happening at all.

Simulating reloads adds another dimension to realism in training.


The ASP M17 Red Gun accomplishes exactly what it set out to do by providing a durable and realistic training device. I can easily see how this tool would enhance training sessions such as fighting for weapon retention, conducting disarms, practicing firearms handling, and demonstrating room clearing tactics. The only real issue here is the consistency of the magazine catch but all things considered, this is still a great long term investment in your personal defense training.

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