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Armament Systems and Procedures, usually referred to simply as ASP in law enforcement vernacular, is a defensive tool manufacturer. Headquartered in Appleton, WI, they were known originally for what was at the time a line of ubiquitous expandable police batons. In fact, for many years the term ASP was a Xerox- or Kleenex- like generic term for such telescoping implements.

They have long since expanded into many other products, now manufacturing (as they put it), “Legendary batons, tactical flashlights, handcuffs, OC, and training for law enforcement.”

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Armament Systems and Procedures rechargeable flashlight.
One of the many rechargeable flashlights (some task, some tactical) offered by ASP.

About Armament Systems and Procedures

The following is how ASP describes themselves. It is not intended as a review of their products and training, those will be dealt with elsewhere. We are simply passing along information.

In the demanding world of law enforcement, there is little room for error. Performance is paramount. Failure is not an option. Among the men and women of this specialized profession, the name ASP is synonymous with quality. These are individuals who place their personal safety at risk each day in the protection of others. That these dedicated men and women prefer ASP products above all others is something of which we are extremely proud.

Breakaway Tip on ASP Baton used for extrication
The BreakAway Tip turns an ASP “Talon” or “Agent” into a fast, precise and safe extrication tool. It’s an excellent accessory for law enforcement officers, military personnel, and other first responders who might need to use ASP Batons to break glass and save lives.

For over three decades, the distinctive ASP insignia has stood for innovative design, flawless function, and an unparalleled standard of service.

Today, ASP manufactures five distinct categories of products. Each is unique … the result of cutting-edge design, advanced manufacturing technologies, and exhaustive field evaluations. This is a product line so advanced that it is protected by over 100 Patents.

Armament Systems and Procedures restraints in MOLLE system.
ASP products see widespread use in across all branches of the military as well.

For more than a quarter-century, the ASP Eagle has reflected an uncompromising standard of craftsmanship. Throughout the world, ASP remains the first choice of quiet professionals. For those who cannot afford less. ASP … protecting those who protect

Armament Systems and Procedures eagle logo
Armament Systems and Procedures: the ASP Eagle.

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Armament Systems and Procedures Raven light
Armament Systems and Procedures

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  1. […] ASP also included a TLC (Tactical Light Case) with my light, although these are normally sold separately. This hard case mounts on the belt and will carry the light securely both on and off duty. There is also a belt clip already attached to the Raptor, and you can mount it to be carried bezel up or down. There is a locking screw that holds a circular ring in place that can be loosened and tightened with a 1/16” Hex key so that the user can position the clip in either desired position. […]

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