Worth Watching: 3 Types of DANGEROUS Men by Warrior Poet Society

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Is it possible to identify dangerous men by appearances? Well, there’s a bit more to it than that. We just ran across this video and thought we ought to share it. In the video, John Lovell, Founder of Warrior Poet Society, outlines three general categories of dangerous men.

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Three Types of Dangerous Men

To wrap it up, here are the the categories of dangerous men, as outlined by Lovell

  1. Nefarious – these are the “bad guys” that intend to inflict injury. Since they can do that through ambush they don’t necessarily possess strength, skill, or courage. They’re hostile, and are looking to cause pain and suffering.
  2. The heroes – The ones who lovingly protect homes and nations. Freedom exists under their shadow and they live by a code for a higher purpose. Normal people aren’t afraid around this type of dangerous man.
  3. The weak – These guys will betray out of greed or fear. This kind of individual lacks courage and strength. -They may hurt others without intent, but are often excused because they seem too pitiable to bear blame.

Qualities of Good Dangerous Men

Focusing on the qualities in the second category of dangerous men, Lovell describes the qualities that he recognizes in them.


They’re tough as nails, and not just physically. They’ve got a mental/emotional toughness that allows them to rise above the situation and enjoy the comedy in misery and loss. These guys don’t quit, don’t complain, and they may even bear pain with a smile.

Fear Management

Good dangerous men have the ability to manage fear. They’ve got a fighter mindset. They are able to manage their breathing in stressful/dangerous situations, and maintain focus on solving the problem so they can take the next step. Lovell points out that its not possible to know how a person is going to manage fear until it is observed in a situation.

Clever Problem Solving

These guys are clever. They can think like a bad guy. As creative problem solvers, they understand that the fight is a game and they need to play the game in a smart way.


Dangerous good guys have studied well, and know how to break their enemies in a multitude of ways.

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